Sunday, January 9, 2011

How to Earn The Most Swagbucks Quickly

You want to know how to earn swagbucks the quickest way? There are certain things you can dothat will earn you the most swagbucks everyday.

1)Daily Guaranteed Swagbucks

You can earn 4 swagbucks everyday just by checking out certain part of the site and by having the toolbar installed

- 1st) Install the toolbar, you'll get 1 SB everyday
- 2nd) Check out trusted surveys, that gets you 1 SB
- 3rd) Check out the NOSO for 1 SB (just click start and then skip all the way)
- 4th) Vote in the daily poll to earn 1 SB

2) Searching is the fastest way to earn Swagbucks

Use the search to get to the website you normally visit. For example, if you go to facebook everyday, search for facebook with swagbucks instead of going there directly. You don't know how many times I've won swagbucks for searching for "BFH" (battlefield heroes). I think in the last 7 days I got like 40 SB just for BFH.

Use the search normally at different times of the day to get the most swagbucks. You can usually win 3-4 times per day. So I search in the morning, afternoon, evening and just before bed. Don't abuse it or try to search too much cuz it won't work.

Check out the sponsored links in the search results once in a while. That's how swagbucks earns money and I'm pretty sure they reward users that earn them money. Again... don't overdo it.

3)Keep your eyes open for Swagcodes.

Almost everyday, TSG (the swagbucks guy) puts out a swagcode for 5-10 swagbucks. The swagcode is always time-sensitive so you have to hurry to use it. There are two ways to know if there is a swagcode in effect:

- 1st) You can check the swagbucks widget. If there is a code, the widget will tell you where to find it. You can find the widget at the bottom of this blog or you can install your own if you have a blog/website.

The widget looks like this

- 2nd) You can checkout the facebook swagbucks fanpage. If everyone is saying:" Thanks TSG" then there is a code out. Check out the widget to find out where or ask on the fanpage.

One thing about Swagcodes... you can't share what the code is, just where it is located. So don't go on the fanpage and start asking what's the code. K

4)Refer your friends

By referring your friends you can earn up to 1000 SB. Swagbucks will give you SB mathcing eveything your friend win using the search until 1000 SB. So the more friends you have that use the search, the faster you'll get swagbucks (so use the search)

5)Do special offers (not really recommended)

Another way you can earn swagbucks is to do special offers. I don't really recommend doing this and I'll tell you why. A lot of them won't work properly and you'll end up installing a bunch of stuff on your computer.

I did a few of the free offers like installing IMVU and other toolbars, but I used a crappy old laptop that I didn't care about. If you only have 1 computer, don't go installing all that stuff.

So that's how to earn the most swagbucks quickly everyday. If you do just the first two steps consistently everyday, it should take about 2 weeks to earn 700 SB so you can redeem them for 5$ in paypal money. And then you can get 700 battlefunds and get those cool items you want.


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